Bloomberg learned about Turkey’s demands for the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO

Ankara demands a return to the F-35 pilot training program, the lifting of sanctions for the purchase of Russian C-400s, as well as public condemnation by Sweden and Finland of the PKK banned in Turkey

For approving the inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO Turkey demands, among other things, the return to the F-35 pilot training program and the lifting of sanctions for the purchase of Russian C-400s. Bloomberg reports this with reference to several high-ranking Turkish sources.

Another condition— public condemnation by these two countries of Kurdish formations and the recognition of the PKK as a terrorist organization. Ankara also demands that Sweden and Finland lift restrictions on the supply of weapons to it, which have been in effect since 2019 due to Turkey's operation in Syria.

The interlocutors of the agency explained that Turkey's official consent to the return of Greece to NATO in 1980 is now is seen as a mistake that the Turkish leadership did not want to repeat with the Scandinavian countries (Turkey and Greece have disagreements over Cyprus).

Finland and Sweden decided to join NATO after the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine. On May 17, countries submitted official applications.

NATO membership requires consideration of applications by the North Atlantic Council— NATO's main political governing body. After that, the agreement on the membership of countries in the alliance must be ratified at the national level in all 30 countries that are in the military-political bloc.

On May 16, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara “can't say yes” for Finland and Sweden to join NATO. He explained this by the fact that the countries declared their unwillingness to extradite “terrorists” to Turkey. TRT wrote that Sweden and Finland refused to extradite members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party and FETO (a movement that arose around the ideas of Turkish writer Fethullah Gülen, which Turkey considers involved in a coup attempt in 2016).

Read on RBC Pro Pro Marathon for Brazilians: how Russians make money in Latin America Articles Pro Not everything can be replaced: without these IT services it will be especially difficult for business Pro Four Examples of Reverse Logistics and What Benefits You Can Miss Articles Pro China's lockdowns threaten a new logistics crisis. What to expect Articles Pro Gas supplies to the EU are falling. What will happen to Gazprom shares Forecasts Pro $170 million mistake: why Amazon tried to create an alternative to the iPhoneEarlier, Erdogan also said that Ankara does not consider the possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO as a positive. He noted that the Scandinavian countries serve as a “guest house for terrorist organizations”, referring to the Kurdistan Workers' Party. According to the president, its members live in Sweden and the Netherlands and are members of parliaments.

In turn, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö noted that Erdogan's statements “confused” him, because the Turkish leader told him by phone that he would accept joining the alliance. Niinistö also announced his readiness to discuss membership issues with his Turkish counterpart.

In addition, the leader of the largest faction of the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, threatened Ankara with isolation if it impedes the admission of new NATO members. “Anyone who questions the unity of NATO will be isolated within the Commonwealth,” — he said.

Russia and Turkey signed a contract for the S-400 in December 2017. The first deliveries began in July 2019. The United States opposed Turkey's decision and excluded it from the F-35 supply program. The Pentagon feared that as a result, Russia could obtain the data necessary to counter the F-35.

In December 2020, the United States also imposed sanctions against Turkey due to the purchase of the C-400, prohibiting the issuance of licenses and export permits Turkish Defense Industry Authority (SSB), which concludes contracts for the purchase of military equipment.

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