Bulgaria invited Gazprom to discuss gas supplies

Earlier, Bulgaria refused to pay according to the scheme proposed by Russia, because of which it lost direct supplies, but continued to purchase through intermediaries. Sophia is now ready to discuss resuming deliveries

The Bulgarian government told Gazprom about the readiness to resume negotiations on the supply of Russian gas, there is no active dialogue yet. This was announced to Nova TV channel by the Acting Minister of Energy of the provisional government of the Republic, Rosen Khristov.

“We still buy Russian gas, only through intermediaries and pay 30% on top. If we are talking about funding [these military operations in Ukraine], Germany should stop buying Russian gas in the first place,— explained and.about. minister.

Hristov pointed out that the leading European countries also buy Russian gas, and on Thursday, August 25, Sofia discussed with Brussels the purchase of fuel from Moscow, with the European Commission a “complete understanding of the subject” was reached. According to him, this is an old contract, but the payment scheme will be “a bank guarantee upon receipt of a monthly volume of gas”, since prepaid deliveries threatened a situation where the money was sent, but the gas was not received.

Bulgaria will offer the Russian side and several other amendments to the terms of the agreement, which will be designed to optimize the agreement, added acting. minister. Thus, Sofia wants to extend the deadline for receiving the remaining volumes of gas (2.4 billion cubic meters), so that fuel enters the country until the end of the heating season or until the summer of next year.

An alternative supplier offered a price that is 50 % exceeded the offer of Gazprom, Hristov emphasized. He called the dialogue with Gazprom about the resumption of cooperation “virtually inevitable”.

Hristov took the post of acting. head of the Department of Energy about four weeks ago, in early August. Then the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev completely changed the government, appointed a temporary composition of the Cabinet and set the date for the elections to the National Assembly— 2 October. The new government then began to review the decisions made by the previous composition.

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At the end of April, the former Bulgarian authorities refused to pay for Russian gas according to the scheme proposed by the official Moscow, which included, among other things, the opening of a ruble account with Gazprombank. “Gazprom” in response to this, he stopped gas supplies to the republic. The Bulgarian authorities then announced an agreement on the purchase of liquefied gas from the United States under more profitable contracts and an agreement with Azerbaijan on pumping through the IGB gas pipeline.

Contract “Gazprom” with Bulgaria is valid until the end of this year, Russia is ready to resume deliveries “at any moment”, its ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova said at the end of July. About two weeks later, in mid-August, Hristov admitted this possibility. As a condition, he mentioned the insufficient volume of gas received from alternative suppliers. And about. The minister stressed that Bulgaria would not deviate from European sanctions, the conditions would not differ from those agreed by Germany.

At the end of July, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov accused Russia of creating the energy dependence of the republic and corruption, saying that the Bulgarian elite was enriched with the help of Gazprom; by concluding contracts with a Russian company. According to him, some officials deliberately entered into agreements to buy expensive gas with taxpayers' money, despite better alternatives. “We found that by fighting corruption, we endanger the goals of Russian foreign policy,” — said the prime minister.

The Russian Foreign Ministry denied Petkov's accusations, calling them “a deliberately false statement.” The representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, considered “political agony” using the theme of “Russian threat”. “We would like to repeat the following once again: Russia has never allowed itself to interfere in the affairs of foreign states,” — approved in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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