China closed the sky for Boeing and Airbus Russian airlines

Russian airlines were unable to provide data that imported aircraft were officially deregistered abroad, a source told RBC. Since March, Russia has been allowed to register rights to foreign aircraft on lease

China closed its airspace for Boeing and Airbus aircraft of Russian air carriers registered in two jurisdictions, two sources told RBC.

The fact that China made such a decision was also previously reported by Global Link Logistics with reference to the country's aviation authorities, the Telegram channel “All about customs and foreign economic activity” broadcast. Another logistics operator, Optimalog, reported that it had received information about the cancellation of all flights of Aviastar Tu airlines. and iFly from China. In informal comments he cited, it was said that the planes “stopped meeting ICAO/IATA requirements”, “there are no permissions to use the air corridors.”

One of RBC's sources explains the ban by the fact that in May, the Chinese aviation authorities asked all airlines, not only Russian ones, to update electronic dossiers (portfolios; they contain information about aircraft, airline owners, ground handling contracts). Requesting such portfolios— standard procedure, the interlocutor points out. But recently in China, adjustments have been made to it.

Russian carriers flying to China have updated the information. But the Chinese authorities have requested confirmation that the imported aircraft of Russian carriers have been officially deregistered abroad. The airlines could not provide such documents. Therefore, the Chinese aviation authorities, in compliance with international aviation legislation, refused to fly on such aircraft.

According to the source, now the requirements for “cleanliness” Aircraft from the point of view of registration are presented by other countries. As an example, the interlocutor cited Turkey, which denies permission for flights to or through its airspace to “dual-registration” aircraft. (aircraft compulsorily registered in Russia).

Another interlocutor of RBC in a Russian airline confirmed that without a certificate of deregistration, aircraft are not allowed to fly to China.

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The representative of the Federal Air Transport Agency declined to comment. RBC sent inquiries to the press service of the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (СAAC) and representatives of Aviastar-TU.

In iFly, which operated cargo flights to China on Airbus , declined to comment.

Since the end of February, Western countries have imposed a number of sanctions against the Russian aviation industry. The European Union has banned Russian aircraft from using its airspace, and has also stopped deliveries of aircraft and spare parts to the country. In addition, the EU has obliged leasing companies to terminate contracts with Russian carriers. As part of the sanctions, lessors began to arrest liners of Russian airlines abroad, in connection with which they began to cancel international flights.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the termination of leasing aircraft, said that Western countries deceived Russian partners, in “unilaterally refusing to fulfill its obligations.” As a measure to support the industry, he allowed the registration in Russia of foreign ships that are on lease. The issuance of Russian certificates will make it possible to use them, among other things, on flights within the country.

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