Cossack submariners. Why protoukry are “the oldest people on Earth”

“Argumenty i Fakty” Weekly No. 32. Take a check for a soul 10/08/2022 Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

In Russia is carrying out an examination of school textbooks brought from the territories taken under the control of Ukraine.

Specialists of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, teachers and historians involved in the involved by the ICR are involved in this. In total, there are more than 300 textbooks and manuals for examination. The first results were stunning. According Head of the Ministry of Education Sergei Kravtsov, in fact, Ukrainians have created their own fake story.

Every Ukrainian schoolboy should know: “Muscovites have always oppressed the great Ukrainians.” A student of the eighth grade of the Kyiv gymnasium No. 153 named after A.S. Pushkina answers the teacher's questions at the Russian language lesson. 09/11/2012. Photo: RIA Novosti/Grigory Vasilenko

Napoleon was driven out

The militias don't find censorship words when they look at the pictures in the books they find. B p. Talakovka came across a pamphlet about the national idea of ​​Ukraine. There are two photos on the cover: a neat, white hut, all in colors, and a gloomy, crooked log hut of a hundred years ago. Guess under which picture there is a caption that this is a Russian hut, and where is the Ukrainian hut. This cover reflects the essence of Ukrainian historical “science” over the last 30 years.

Yes and not only historical. Textbook “Protection of the Fatherland” found in Volnovakha for 10th grade. Children are told how to throw grenades and shoot. NATO tactical schemes are given. And lots of photos in the section on terrorism. For example, the detention by the SBU of a saboteur who “prepared a terrorist act on” orders of Russian curators. In another picture — arrest of a resident of the DPR… The textbook, by the way, was published in 2018 , long before SVO.

Yes, before Maidan, the textbooks didn had heroes from national battalions, "revolution of hydnost»  etc. But  local historians were given free rein under Kuchma and Yushchenko. So, in  the history textbook for the 9th grade at the beginning of the 2000s, there were already such paragraphs: “Ukrainians in the Battle of Borodino”, “Pursuit of the enemy (Napoleon. — Ed.) Ukrainian regiments» and t. p. In the paragraph on the war of 1812  it is said about the Cossack militia, which “did not believe that Napoleon would liberate Ukraine”, and gathered a 70,000-strong army that drove the usurper away. A no less amusing interpretation of the Battle of Poltava: “The defeat of the Ukrainian-Swedish warriors from” the Russian royal hordes.

Do do you know why the Tatar-Mongols didn sack Novgorod in 1238? It turns out that «Novgorod prince Alexander Nevskywas brought up in childhood at the court of KhanBatu, and and therefore the Mongols showed mercy». The author of the history textbook for the 7th grade I. VasylkivI was not embarrassed by the fact that Nevsky was born 17 years before Batu's invasion of Russia and spent his childhood in Pereslavl-Zalessky… By the way, in the same textbook they explain that “Moscow” it's from "marshy, slushy, wet, viscous". For those who from the first time did not understand all the abomination of the eastern neighbors, in the 8th and 10th grades they will consolidate the material: Russia is called Moskovshchina, and its inhabitants — Muscovites, who since the times of Catherine II robbed and killed defenseless Ukrainians.

In order to substantiate the theory that the majority of the inhabitants of Donbass are not Ukrainians, but newcomers, the authors cite an “analytical review of the OUN” (banned in RF) 1948  It says that the visitors ate gruel from  iron boxes, which were made from American cans. They ate with their hands, and spoons were given out on holidays — May 1  November 7 

Younger kids are told about the notorious submarine in the steppes of Ukraine, and it's not banter. In  a textbook for the 5th grade, they ask so directly: "Have you heard that the Cossacks have a submarine fleet?" So historians anticipate the story about the visit of foreign officers to the Zaporizhzhya Sich. And & nbsp; further explained: “The Cossacks resort to & nbsp; tricks that have long been familiar to them: holding a long hollow reed in their mouth, they can remain under water unnoticed for a long time.” However, why be surprised if a textbook for 7th grade children assures that the Ukrainian people on the planet showed up for 160 thousands. years before Cro-Magnons! And it was the proto-Ukrainians who taught humanity everything progressive, up to minting coins.

Give the world a song

Not only the authors of historical textbooks sin by pulling an owl on the globe. Professor Pyotr Maslyakwrote a textbook on geography for the 8th grade in 2016. And thanks to him, schoolchildren know that the Spaniards, Jews, French, Portuguese and Turks came to their lands from Galicia. And Ukrainians — “Slavicized Germans”, because “cibula” similar to  German zwiebel (“bow”). What didn't stop them from becoming the most "ancient grain-growing nation of the world" and "today the whole world feeds on genetically Ukrainian wheat, which was brought by Ukrainian settlers to the USA, Russia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Argentina". And Ukrainians also "gave wings to the world", because Ukrainians Kibalchich, Korolev, Sikorsky, Tsiolkovsky and pr. Yes, there are wings, all the inhabitants of the Earth should thank Kyiv for the songs:  Not a single nation on our planet has more than 200,000 folk songs… Ukrainian folk melody was put in  the basis of European music».

Why do children need this anti-scientific nonsense?Hitler was right “when he said that wars are won before” the start of hostilities — when the teacher fails».

Soldiers from National Battalions and AFU under 30 know for sure that in 1917 there was a “Ukrainian revolution”. In civilian, the Reds and Whites fought not with each other, but with independent Ukraine. “Kremlin leaders” they couldn't sleep until they starved her to death. By the way, the author of the textbook with these statements is Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Stanislav Kulchitsky. A scientist with a very flexible spine. In the  Soviet years, he made a career in refuting the Holodomor, then changed his shoes and began to tell schoolchildren about its horrors. He also owns the following thesis in a textbook: “Russia began preparations for a” war with “Ukraine back in” 1991 “.

It is clear how the events on the Maidan are presented after 2014. The tragedy in Odessa is mentioned only in 1 of 5 textbooks. And like the clash between football fans and  "pro-Russian anti-Maidan fans", which ended in a fire in  the House of Trade Unions. About arson and perpetrators — not words.

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