“Even the fund didn’t help us.” 5 reasons for refusing targeted assistance

Are you in a critical situation with treatment/surgery/medication, but no charitable foundation accepts applications for targeted assistance? We will tell you why not every application to the fund ends with an open collection and what problems may arise.

The work of the address department of the fund “AiF. Good heart» is absolutely transparent, and each application for assistance goes through more than one stage of medical and legal verification. But even according to our statistics, only one request out of ten passes this test. Therefore, we decided to analyze 5 main reasons why a charitable foundation (including AiF. Kind Heart) may refuse targeted assistance.

Reason number 1. The foundation does not deal with such diseases

Almost every charitable foundation has its own priority areas for targeted assistance. 

Sometimes desperate parents of seriously ill children apply simultaneously to all the funds they can find, and spend a lot of time in vain — receiving rejection after rejection. Sometimes residents of distant regions turn only to large federal funds, not even knowing that someone in their region is already successfully engaged in the desired direction.

If the disease with which you need help is not included in the priority nosologies of the BF “AiF. Good heart, then the employees of the targeted assistance department will definitely advise — where else can you apply or they will transfer the application to the Family Accompanying Department, where they will help with legal or psychological support. & nbsp;

Reason number 2. Such assistance can be provided under compulsory medical insurance

It often turns out that a family does not even suspect about the benefits that they are already entitled to by law, or that they need surgery and medicines can be obtained under compulsory medical insurance and state guarantees. 

Employees of charitable foundations usually check the possibility of receiving assistance from the state and the availability of regional benefits. And, if the family is still entitled to assistance under the compulsory medical insurance program, then the fund has the right to refuse targeted assistance. But, for example, in «AiF. Good heart» in this case, we offer free consultations of our lawyer so that the family has support during the preparation of documents for preferential treatment.

Usually the exceptions to this — those cases when patients should receive assistance from the state, but at the time of applying to the fund there is no time for this. For example, all patients with cystic fibrosis are legally entitled to a free Ursofalk drug, but in some regions our patients cannot receive either it or even generics for months. This situation threatens not just the health, but the lives of children whom our foundation regularly helps. And so in such cases «AiF. Good heart» opens targeted fees to buy a supply of medicine for at least a few months in advance. And be sure to involve the lawyer of our foundation in resolving the issue with the regional Ministry of Health, so that the family can continue to receive treatment under compulsory medical insurance on time, as expected. 

Reason number 3. Problems with documents

Detailed legal and medical examination of documents in the fund should take place in several stages. And problems with the provided documents can arise on any of them.

Outdated medical certificates and extracts, no family income certificate or proof of disability, no documents confirming the relationship of the applicant/guardian and the patient — this list of problems can go on and on. 

It is important for our foundation to observe the principles of reliability and transparency: we are responsible for each targeted collection with our reputation! And, if parents are reluctant to contact doctors and lawyers, refuse to provide the necessary documents or are not interested in communicating with the employees of the — this is a valid reason for refusing to help.

Reason #4. The foundation cannot arrange treatment in a certain clinic or country

Sometimes the foundation receives applications in which parents or medical professionals immediately insist on rehabilitation in only one specific clinic or country. And they categorically refuse to consider any other options proposed by doctors, whom the foundation turns to for a second (and sometimes third) opinion. 

If “AiF. Good heart» already works with a clinic that the parents themselves have chosen for treatment or surgery, we still carefully check the validity of this choice. Sometimes both we and independent medical experts are sure that the same treatment can be obtained closer to home, cheaper and better, but parents insist on their choice only. In this case, there is a chance that the fund will most likely not approve the targeted collection. 

Reason #5: Fundraising is too big or too urgent

No fund, even the largest and most famous, can help everyone. And dealing with complex and urgent fees always requires additional human and financial resources. Search for partners, organization of collection and PR cooperation with those who can support it, creation of materials, publications on crowdfunding platforms and TV broadcasts — all of this requires the simultaneous efforts of many fund staff. No foundation manages to make such collections often and certainly cannot be organized in a couple of days. 

Therefore, we, too, are periodically forced to refuse in response to desperate calls: “In two weeks we need six million rubles for the operation. Help! 

Alas, the — it's not a magical bottomless wallet. A large address fee — it is also the selfless efforts of hundreds of donors and dozens of volunteers. But even in the most difficult situations, we try not to leave without support any of those who turned to us. Even if our foundation cannot provide financial assistance — we always have experienced psychologists for emotional support, excellent lawyers to fight for the rights of patients and a human attitude towards everyone who believes in us. 

And we are — not alone!

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