FSB announced the detention of a Ukrainian intelligence agent in Kursk

FSB: Ukrainian intelligence agent detained in Kursk for espionage He himself stated that he was born in the city of Sumy, and was recruited in 2018


A citizen of Ukraine was detained in Kursk, who transmitted information about the objects of the Russian Ministry of Defense, reports the Center for Public Relations of the FSB, reports TASS.

According to the intelligence service, the man was an agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. He was suspected “of involvement in the collection and transfer, on the instructions of foreign intelligence, of information about the objects of the Ministry of Defense in order to use them against the security of Russia.”

A case was initiated against the detainee under Art. 276 of the Criminal Code (espionage), he faces up to 20 years in prison.

At the place of residence of the detainee, the security forces seized special technical equipment transferred by the Ukrainian special service. The FSB also reported that “special literature on sniper training, survival, guerrilla warfare, reconnaissance and sabotage activities” was found on his computer and mobile phone.

In a video published by the FSB, the man said that he was a native of Sumy and “was recruited by the Ukrainian special services in February 2018.” Speaking about his duties, the detainee mentioned “gathering information about officers and their families and homes, about officers of the aviation regiment and other military units.” under the guise of furniture production, as well as recruitment.

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