In Bulgaria, they announced the blocking of the transfer to the Russian Embassy for $ 890 thousand.

The diplomatic mission was unable to receive funds due to EU restrictions. The Minister of Finance of Bulgaria stressed that his country had nothing to do with this: the transfer was blocked automatically, the abolition of the freeze is being discussed with the EU

The transfer to the account of the Russian embassy in Sofia in the amount of $890,000 was subject to EU sanctions, because of which it was automatically blocked, Bulgarian Finance Minister Asen Vasilev said, Bulgarian National Radio reports.

He denied the words of the party deputy ” “There is such a people” Toshko Yordanova that it was the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance that froze the funds. The legislator decided that such a decision was made because of “hostile” relations between the two countries, and noted that Bulgarian diplomats in Russia also have funds that Moscow can block.

According to Vassilev, the Russian embassy asked Bulgaria to “lift the sanctions” for translation, this is being discussed with the European Commission. The embassy claims that the frozen amount is intended to pay salaries to employees, the minister added.

RBC sent a request to the information and press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian embassy in Bulgaria.

At the end of June, Bulgaria declared 70 Russian diplomats persona non grata, accusing them of working “for foreign interests.” Acting announced about the expulsion. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who shortly before resigned from the post of prime minister after a vote of no confidence in him and accused him of “overthrowing” the government of three Bulgarian politicians and Russian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanov.

Mitrofanova called Petkov's accusations convenient and recalled that last year there was a major parliamentary and government crisis in the country and multidirectional parties formed a coalition government. After the start of the “anti-Russian story” the decision of the authorities to join the sanctions caused “at least bewilderment” among many; Rising inflation and disagreements over North Macedonia also played a role, she said. After the expulsion of Russian diplomats, the ambassador allowed a break in diplomatic relations with Bulgaria.

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The consular services of the Russian diplomatic mission in the country have stopped work. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the embassy could not work normally, since most of the expelled employees ensured its livelihoods. He called Sophia's decision “an illegal stunt”, attributing it to “pro-American orientation.” Petkov. The minister promised Moscow's response.

In the EU, the decision of the Bulgarian authorities was considered fully consistent with international law.

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