Is it true that Muscovites with many children can now travel for free in the region?

“Argumenty i Fakty” Weekly No. 27. As in “That” time 07/06/2022

Both parents in large families in Moscow and their children (in  under 18 years of age) can now travel free of charge in public transport both in the capital and in the Moscow region.

The agreement was signed by Mayor Sobyaninand&nbsp ;Governor Vorobyov.

Today, 191 thousand people live in Moscow. families with many children, in which 475,000 children are brought up. minor children. According to deputy mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov, the innovation will allow them to move freely between the city and region.

For free travel you will need a Muscovite card. They draw it up in  "My Documents". You must have a passport, a birth certificate (if the card is intended for a child under 14 years old), and you can take a picture directly at the center of public services. After submitting the documents, no more than 30 days will pass, and the card can be picked up. It is convenient to track the readiness status at Children from 16 to 18 years (regardless of whether they study or not) the right to free travel on social card is automatically extended.

The second parent in large families, by the way, received the right to free travel in & nbsp; metropolitan public transport (including & nbsp; commuter trains) only at the beginning of this year. Previously, only one of parents could issue preferential travel, and children aged 16 to 18 years old, it was extended on condition of studying in an educational institution.

By the way

✔ Muscovite map — this is a bank card with free service, with its help you can receive a pension and social benefits, pay for government services without commission on the portal.

✔ It provides access to city services and  transport benefits.

✔ It is also used to make an appointment with doctor, as identifier "Moskvenok" and even as a library card.

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