Petliura instead of Gagarin?

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The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has prepared a list of 10 place names associated with Russia, which should be renamed.

The top  — Gagarin, Pushkin, Michurin.

Mikhail Myagkov, scientific director of the RVIO:

— Any country that tries to nullify a common history with another nation is actually just stealing its own history. This leads to a historical impasse. How, for example, fascist Germany acted during the years of the arrival of Hitlerto power — they burned the books of those authors who did not fit the theory of the superiority of the German race. As a result, Nazism became the main ideology of the country, which, having unleashed World War II, was responsible for the deaths of millions and millions of people, incl. the Germans themselves. This happened primarily due to unconsciousness, historical lessons were not learned.

Today, in Ukraine, their own history has been turned inside out. In 90s we counted: Ukraine — a young state, and every young state is looking for its heroes. Good! But why don you look for positive heroes? And if we now open any textbook on the history of Ukraine for high school, then there the actions of whom will be described in bold letters on many pages? I list: Mazepa, a serial traitor who first betrayed one hetman, then another, then princess Sophia, and after Peter I. Semyon Petliura, who pursued the policy of the Holocaust in Ukraine during the Civil War. Bandera and Shukhevych, whose hands are up to the elbow in blood. And the names of famous marshals, generals, heroes of the Great Patriotic War, born in Ukraine, for example, Rybalko, Chernyakhovsky, Kozhedub, — all this is thrown away, monuments demolished along with monuments to Pushkin and Suvorov. Well what country can live long with such heroes?! 

Ukraine has got into a historical impasse, from which it can get out without external help. I speak with pain about the fate of the Ukrainian people, because we in any case, are from the same root! Therefore, a deep, subtle policy is needed. People who have been processed for so many years will be very difficult to dezombify.

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