Putin proposed to create a state system of information protection

Putin announced the war unleashed against Russia in the information space The President pointed to the increased number of cyber attacks on Russian information systems after the start of the special operation in Ukraine. Putin urged to “strengthen the defense of the domestic digital space” proposed to create a state information protection system” />

President Vladimir Putin proposed to the Security Council to create a state information protection system in Russia. It is necessary to strengthen the “defense-domestic digital space” and minimize the risks of leakage of confidential information and personal data of citizens, he stressed.

“We need in the most serious and constant way, what is called in real time, to improve, fine-tune the mechanisms for ensuring the information security of industry critical facilities, on which the defense capability of our country, the stable development of the economic and social sphere directly depend,” — noted the head of state at a meeting with the Security Council. He drew attention to the absence of structural divisions for information protection in a third of such objects. “Such divisions should be created as quickly as possible, and they include specialized specialists who know the industry specifics well,” — urged Putin.


Coordination of actions of all structures should be fixed at the strategic level, and responsibility for resolving issues in this area— entrusted to the leaders of the organizations, he added.

“Obviously” to the implementation of the tasks of protecting digital systems, Putin called the transition to domestic equipment and programs.

According to the president, the number of cyber attacks on the Russian information infrastructure has been growing in recent years, and after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, the situation worsened: a “war in the information space” was unleashed against Russia. In particular, the number of cyberattacks has increased many times over, and these are the actions of state structures of other countries, Putin is sure. On the other hand, deliveries of foreign information technologies to Russia are limited, technical support for equipment by some suppliers has ceased after the sanctions.

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say that the cyber aggression against us, as well as the sanctions attack on Russia in general, failed. In general, we were ready for this attack, and this is the result of the systematic work that has been carried out over the past years, — Putin said.

On May 1, the President signed a decree on additional information security measures. The document obliges government agencies to provide access to the resources they own or use to the FSB for monitoring and follow the instructions of the special services based on the results of these checks. In addition, from 2025 government agencies will be prohibited from using information security tools produced in “unfriendly” countries. According to another, March, Putin's decree, from 2025 government agencies and government customers will not be able to use foreign software on critical infrastructure.

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