Putin wished two governors success in the elections

The heads of Adygea and Karelia, Murat Kumpilov and Artur Parfenchikov, respectively, expire this year. Putin wished them success in their “iteration” as heads of the republics and continued work

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the heads of Adygea and Karelia Murat Kumpilov and Artur Parfenchikov, whose terms of office expire in autumn, and approved continuation of their work in posts. Transcripts of both meetings are posted on the Kremlin website.

“I want to thank you for this work and wish you success,”— Putin said to Kumpilov. The head of state noted “many positive, very stable trends” in the development of the region, for example, an increase in gross domestic product and an increase in industrial production.

Putin also wished Parfenchikov to continue his work as the leader of Karelia. “I hope that your experience as the head of the region will positively affect the results of your next iteration as the head of the republic,” — he said.

Both Kumpilov and Parfenchikov have been in office since 2017, with their terms expiring in September. In Adygea, the head of the republic is elected by the local State Council from among three candidates selected by the president. In Karelia, the governor is directly elected by the residents of the region.

On the Single Voting Day (UDV) on September 11, gubernatorial elections will be held in 15 regions of the country, including in 14 they will be direct.

In April, RBC sources reported that the authorities are considering, instead of direct elections, the possibility of electing governors through local legislative assemblies (as, for example, in Adygea). In Russia, it was already canceled in 2004, but in 2012, direct elections of the heads of regions were returned.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Everything goes according to plan: how to predict sales when everything changes of the central bank threatens the Italian economy Why this judgment is wrong Articles Pro Consulting services are in demand more than ever: what companies want Articles not for the first time the leader of the “Fair Russia” spoke; For the truth” Sergei Mironov. He added that in the current situation it would be better to direct the money “to our army, to the liberated territories”, and the heads of regions could be elected through legislative assemblies.

The next day on this proposal answered the Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrew Turchak. He pointed out that “under no circumstances” one cannot deprive the people of the right to be “the source of power in Russia” and therefore elections “should be held.” RBC sources confirmed that the authorities have decided to hold elections in the EDG.

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