“They arrange food requisition and famine”: Lavrov explained the blocking of ships with wheat in the ports of Ukraine

Biden announced the search for an opportunity to deliver 20 million tons of grain.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, at a briefing in the capital of Oman, said that the Ukrainian authorities block dozens of ships in their ports, including heavy cargo with wheat.

According to the diplomat, Kyiv is thwarting all attempts by Russia to withdraw the ships along the humanitarian corridors. At the same time, wheat must be delivered to various countries of the world, according to “Izvestia”.

Lavrov explained that the exit routes of ships from the ports are mined, so they cannot leave without the consent of Kyiv. And proposals to create corridors “for the withdrawal of these ships with the necessary goods “are ignored by Russia.

“The Ukrainian side does not cooperate, and its Western masters do not react to this in any way”,– the head of the Foreign Ministry explained.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that the country is trying to export 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine.

The politician recalled the soaring food prices, which reached record values.

Biden believes that the reasons are that both Russia and Ukraine – the world's largest suppliers of grain and corn.

“We are exploring ways to bring this grain back to the global market,” Biden told CNBC.

According to Politico, U.S. lawmakers have urged the Biden administration to create a black sea gumcoride that could The blocked ships would get out.

The media explains that local farmers will simply have nowhere to store the new crop. And the corridor at sea remains the only option to overcome the crisis.

Lawmakers are confident in the need to supply enough food in the face of “sky-high global costs for food and delivery”. And Washington has a “narrow window of action” against the backdrop of the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

In turn, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that it was the United States that was dragging out hostilities in Ukraine and “satisfied” in the country “surplus requisition and famine.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that in early April, Deputy Head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev urged compatriots not to buy products “unfriendly countries”.

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