WATCH miraculous moment Irish jockey makes incredible return after being sent flying off horse

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Irish jockey Kevin Brouder has demonstrated his jaw-dropping acrobatic skills by making an incredible recovery after almost falling from his horse at the Naas Business Club Novice Steeplechase on Sunday.

Riding Forza Milan, the jockey was among the leaders approaching the final fence when his horse suddenly stumbled on the hurdle, vaulting the rider high into the air.

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Many would have thought the race over for Brouder, but the jockey miraculously regained his balance, clutching the reins and managing to remount his horse.

He not only avoided a dangerous fall, but he was also able to finish the race in fourth place, winning solid prize money.

Brouder’s final-fence stunts have earned him huge praise on social media, with many users saying it was the most remarkable moment of the entire race.

Absolutely unbelievable!Take a bow, Kevin Brouder 👏👏

— Racing TV (@RacingTV) January 31, 2021

“I was coming up to the fence and the horse had jumped unreal all the way round, but he always makes one put down in every race and that is what happened at the last. The horse was very good to stay up, most others would have tipped over, so he deserves some credit as well,” the jockey explained.

“Oh no! But to be honest it just happened so quick you don’t have time to think. I’m just glad that I stayed on and got back for fourth. I didn’t even get my feet back into the stirrups, I was just holding on for the finish line,” he added.

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