What are the habits of the white wagtail?

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These birds can be found everywhere — in the city park, square, on the banks of the river and on the forest path. Small birds slightly larger than a sparrow are easy to recognize by their long trembling tail.

White wagtail. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Pichugs are not afraid of the cold. These graceful birds fly to our latitudes as soon as the earth throws off the snow cover. In some years you will notice them before the rivers are free of ice. No wonder people say that wagtails break ice with their tails.

In early spring, when there are very few insects, birds scurry back and forth in search of food. They collect prey, as a rule, on the ground, but quite often they suddenly fly up, making an intricate pirouette. In the air, they instantly catch a fly or a butterfly, and then run along the path again, shaking their long tail.

About a month after arriving at the nesting sites, the wagtails live almost carefree, and then the responsible time comes for them — incubation of eggs and feeding of chicks. Warm cozy «apartment» wagtails arrange in secluded places on the ground, building a nest under overgrown tree roots or heaps of brushwood. In some cases, these birds settle on trees, having chosen an old hollow.

About two weeks, wagtails warm 5 & ndash; eggs with their bodies. For 14-15 days, caring feathered parents feed voracious chicks. At this time, they have to fly away and return to the nest at least 300 times a day and bring insects for their helpless “babies”, whose diet is mainly flies and mosquitoes.

In Russia, the white wagtail is widespread, the color of which is dominated by white-gray tones. These birds are not afraid of humans, often fly to summer cottages, sometimes even make a nest in a pile of firewood. Another kind of — yellow wagtail — occurs much less frequently. The color of the plumage of the male of this species is yellow. The yellow wagtail is more careful than its white relative, otherwise their lifestyle is similar.

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