What gender equality strategy has the Ministry of Labor developed?

The Ministry of Labor of Russia is developing a strategy to ensure gender equality. About this on Monday, August 8, writes RBC. According to them, the document will be aimed at implementing the principle of the rights and freedoms of the sexes in all spheres of life, increasing the economic independence of women, their political activity, as well as overcoming stereotypical ideas about the social roles of Russian women.

Who initiated the strategy? 

The first deputy minister of labor and social protection Olga Batalina is responsible for developing the strategy. In addition, for a deeper study of the issue, an interdepartmental working group has been created, which includes representatives of government bodies, the scientific and expert community. According to the project, the strategy is planned to be implemented in two stages: from 2023 to 2026. and from 2027 to 2030 

The program will include tasks to improve legislation, amend national projects and state programs, conduct scientific research on ensuring equal rights and freedoms of both sexes. 

Which areas for protecting the interests of women will be included in the strategy?

According to the idea, the document will reflect the main areas of action in the interests of Russian women and will consider topical issues. The strategy will highlight ten areas: 

New opportunities for women in the labor market

The agency is ready to help Russian women overcome occupational segregation, participate in flexible forms of employment, and increase the competitiveness of the fairer sex in the labor market. 

The document mentions concepts such as “glass ceiling”; and “sticky floor”. The first concept implies invisible and unmarked boundaries that impede the career growth of Russian women. The second term refers to situations where a woman remains in low positions for a long time. Thus, according to the Ministry of Labor, “the proportion of women holding government positions and civil and municipal service positions is more than 70%. However, among senior managers it is small,” the ministry's materials say.  

In addition, according to Rosstat, women's wages in Russia last year averaged 72.5% of men's earnings. 

The agency invites companies to develop corporate programs to promote gender equality and increase their social responsibility towards family women. 

The growth of the role of women in the field of entrepreneurship

It is planned to increase the integration of women in promising creative areas (media, information technology, etc.), as well as to take new measures to support entrepreneurs in the field small, medium, social and family businesses. There is a desire to expand women's access to financial resources. 

Meanwhile, according to the Federal Tax Service, the share of women among entrepreneurs in the Russian small business sector is 40% at the end of last year. 

Conditions for quality education for women

The Ministry of Labor sees the need to introduce STEM education (an educational model that combines natural sciences and engineering subjects into a single system — ed. note) for Russian women in general education schools and vocational education institutions.

In addition, the department is confident that women need to create conditions for obtaining vocational education in advanced areas of the economy, which will subsequently allow them to get a well-paid job.

Female Leadership Development

In the current paragraph, the authors intend to destroy the old ideas about the social roles of both sexes, as well as popularize the image of a female leader, “successfully realizing her business and creative potential in all spheres of public life.” It is planned to implement these measures not without the help of the media, which will show the cases of successful women leaders and entrepreneurs on the platforms of their resources.

The growth of the role of women in politics

The agency is going to include measures to ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in the political life of the country, raising Russian women's awareness of their rights.

Preserving the health of Russian women

The strategy also points to the availability of quality medical services for women regardless of their place of residence, the importance of developing a reproductive health system, as well as the creation of separate programs for the provision of medical services to women with disabilities. 

Longevity of older women

This implies the inclusion of older Russian women in the life of society, care for their health. In particular, the plans include the formation of a system of long-term care and the introduction of programs aimed at preventing premature aging and other age-related changes in the female body (senile asthenia, osteoporosis, cognitive disorders, etc.).

Improving measures to support low-income women

This direction involves improving measures to support Russian women in overcoming financial difficulties, as well as assisting  non-profit organizations that provide assistance to women in difficult life situations. 

Ensuring family-work balance 

The proposal is related to the improvement of the state support system for families with newborn children and their upbringing. The agency draws attention to the fact that it is necessary to evenly distribute household responsibilities between men and women, expand the infrastructure for childcare and care for family members who are completely or partially deprived of the ability to self-service. 



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