What kind of new low-altitude radar “Podlet-K1” entered the Russian Aerospace Forces?

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Radar low-altitude stations «Podlet-K1» are considered the most effective means capable of detecting drones and cruise missiles. Their task will be to protect strategically important industrial facilities in the regions, including on the borders with Ukraine. While the radar covered the Far East — the system was received by the crews of the radio engineering regiment of the aerospace forces in the Khabarovsk Territory.

What was it created for?

Development of the radar “Podlet-K1” started in 2010. Serial samples of the Almaz-Antey concern supplies to the troops since 2015. This is a universal mobile three-coordinate radar station with a phased antenna array of all-round visibility and detection of air targets at low and extremely low altitudes in a difficult jamming environment. This radar provides automatic detection, determination of coordinates, capture and tracking of any aerodynamic targets, determination of nationality, issuance of information about targets to external consumers. Radar “Approach-K1” specially designed to detect small and low-speed targets such as cruise missiles and UAVs at low altitudes.

City Defense

“Approach-K1” — a modern station built using modern technologies, therefore, it copes better with the task of detecting and identifying subtle targets in a timely manner than multifunctional universal radars. This radar is capable of detecting air targets at a distance of up to 300 km. Today, such radars are supplemented by S-400 complexes in the most significant areas, it is no coincidence that the first radars of this series were aimed at strengthening Moscow's air defense. This radar is able to detect ballistic missiles, drones and ammunition, which are currently shelling cities on the border with Ukraine.


The radar works automatically in the centimeter wave range at extremely low altitudes, this is especially important, because there is a “weak spot” air defense. At the same time, the equipment allows even modern aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles to fly at low altitudes. If a low-altitude craft is spotted too late, there may not be the time or resources to respond. 


The all-round view of the radar is carried out in 5 seconds. Range — 10&min;200 km. Target detection height — up to 10 km. “Approach” is able to conduct automatic tracking of more than 200 different types of targets with the definition of their nationality. Detection zone in azimuth — 360 degrees. Complex deployment time — up to 20 minutes. The time of inclusion of the radar in the work — 3 minutes.

What does it consist of?

The system includes a tower with a radar mounted on a four-axle KamAZ chassis. She is accompanied by a control car and a mobile power generator. The communication equipment installed on them allows you to exchange information with other modern air defense systems and automatically transmit information to higher-level headquarters.

Source: https://function.mil.ru/news_page /country/more.htm?id=12427847@egNews

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