What kind of Russian strike drone “Sirius” will make its first flight this year?

The first flight of a new Russian attack drone called “Sirius” will take place already this year, general director of the enterprise-developer of the drone — group «Kronstadt» Oleg Shilov. It can be used for both military and for peaceful purposes, be a strike drone and reconnaissance.


Little is known about the drone. “Sirius” refers to project "Inohodets-RU". This is a large drone with powerful parameters. Its take-off weight is about two tons (although five were previously announced), the wingspan reaches 23 meters. Formerly “Sirius” at all positioned as a promising five-ton drone without a specific name. Also, the feature of «Sirius» — two engines.

The new drone will be able to stay in the air up to 20 hours, while then the  lasts for days. Also, the novelty is distinguished by an increased combat load, electronic equipment and a radius of action. It is expected that the maximum flight altitude of the drone will reach 7 kilometers, cruising speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

"Sirius" built according to the usual aircraft aerodynamic scheme, it has a thin fuselage and straight wings. The power plant consists of two turboprop engines in engine nacelles under the wing. The engines are equipped with two-blade propellers.

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