Yeni Şafak learned about CIA threats to Turkish business because of Russia

The United States is making efforts to limit business contacts between Russia and Turkey and prevent sanctions from being circumvented. The CIA has already connected to this

The CIA is openly threatening businessmen in Turkey for selling real estate to Russians, Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak claims.

According to the publication, the head of the US intelligence agency in Turkey showed interest in such deals. “A CIA officer asked housing businessmen questions such as: “How many houses have you sold to the Russians? .. In what currency did you receive payment? .. Through which channel did they pay? .. Did you take money from your hands or pay through a bank? ..»,— writes the publication.

The CIA representative associated such issues with monitoring compliance with anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United States.

The US Treasury is also involved in the control. On August 22, Deputy Minister Adewale Adeyemo sent a letter to the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (TÜSİAD), Turkey's largest business association, warning about the consequences of cooperation with Russia, according to the publication. Later, US officials held meetings with TÜSIAD members. The organization confirmed the receipt of the message, without specifying what exactly it said.

In addition, on August 19, Adeyemo had telephone conversations with Turkish Deputy Finance Minister Yunus Elitash in Ankara, while also discussing the possible use of Turkey by Russia to circumvent sanctions. A statement released by the US Treasury Department following the talks said that “concerns were voiced that Russian organizations and individuals are trying to use Turkey to evade sanctions imposed by the United States and 30 other countries.”

In response, Elitash assured Adeyemo that official Ankara would not allow any person or institution in Turkey to circumvent sanctions. He noted that this position was formed against the backdrop of “deep economic and political” ties with Russia and Ukraine and the efforts of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resolve the armed conflict.

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According to the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, from May to July, Turkish exports to Russia amounted to $2.04 billion, up $642 million compared to the same period last year. Over the past month, in value terms, it has increased by 75% year on year— from $417 million in July 2021 to $730 million this July. Turkey has not had such a surge in trade with any other country.

The surge in trade between the two countries is causing concern in both the US and the EU, The Financial Times wrote. “We are following this. This is not good and is not well received in the EU. It's an irritant»,— said one of the interlocutors of the publication. The EU fears that Turkey may become a channel for circumventing European sanctions.

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